For every hiking, walking, mountain climbing, cycling and fishing enthusiast!

For you, because you love exploring and enjoy in spontaneous and unpredictable situations. For you the Tolminska is the region of countless possibilities. Discover hidden nooks, cheerfulness of nature, which has been playing with this small part of our country for millions of years; tranquillity and remoteness of highlands, winding valleys, hidden ravines, and drizzling waterfalls will make your heart smile and soothe your soul.

Prepare your travelling bag. We will gladly advise you which path, which natural or cultural point of interest to choose, or we will set out on a journey with you.



  • Tolmin gorges
  • Trebuša
  • Most na Soči
  • Tolmin castle
  • Čez Most po modrost

But this is far from being all. Contact us and we would be more than happy to arrange holidays custom-made for you.